The Wondrous World of Pores.

Renovations have been underway and we are so excited to announce the opening of Bloom Spa featuring The Golden Belle! Meet Andrea Breitman, The Golden Belle and our kickass Aesthetician. A good facial makes all the difference, and someone like Andrea will change your perspective on just about anything to do with treating your skin. Book with The Golden Belle and receive $25 off your 1st facial! Andrea isn’t just the best Aesthetician she’s also a fabulous blogger.Here’s a Blog she wrote about our pores. Take a read:


Ahhh, to be the bearer of news you probably don’t want to hear. (No earmuffs please) There is not one product out there that can change the size of your pores permanently. That’s right. Not. A. One.

Don’t believe the hype people.

It’s exciting to walk into your very favorite skincare shop and be showered with eternal promises. I am the first one to admit it. Who doesn’t want the answer to come in a cute, colorful little bottle that gives you wooey eyes as it sits on your skincare shelf? With that said, the claim that I find consistently disturbing is the one that promises to change the unchangeable. Want smaller pores? How about no pores? Done and done. (According to said products).

Why so distraught about pore size products? Unfortunately, these promises have created a mindset that we are all expected to walk around like a perfectly retouched image. And while some of my clients are blessed with porcelain skin (which also comes with it’s own set of worries), it is a rare breed that ladies everywhere are working so hard to emulate. This expectation has even caused what dermatologists are calling “Porexia” (an obsession with having perfect pores). People are becoming increasingly determined to get rid of their pores without realizing how important their function is and how grateful they should be for them.

Why are pores so great? Pores are tiny hair follicle openings that we have all over our bodies. That’s right. All over. With the exception of the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. These little guys are there not only to help moisturize and protect your skin from external factors, but also (in an ideal world), they help release any dead skin cells and sebum (pockets of fats, proteins, cholesterol and salts) from within the follicle. These little openings also help regulate temperature by releasing sweat when your body is overheating. Pretty neat, right?

What can I do to treat my pores right? Keep them clean. Keep them healthy. Everyday. While you cannot change the size of your pores, you can create practices that help them appear smaller. Picture this: A garbage bag that is overflowing, it is always going to appear much larger than a garbage bag that is disposed of on a regular basis. Same size bag. Different visual. Replace this image with your pores.

Proper Pore Maintenance:

Always. Always. Always. Cleanse your face at night. That’s a non-negotiable. Removing all of the debris, pollution and particles you came in contact with throughout the day. It’s just the right thing to do. Your skin will thank you for it. Cleansing in the morning is on a per person basis depending on skin type and preference.

Use toner! It’s a very important / underrated step. Curious why? Familiarize yourself with the importance of toner.

Once a week: Clarifying Masque & Exfoliation. I am a big fan of enzyme exfoliators as opposed to gritty ones.

SPF. Always use SPF during your AM regimen. Yes everyday. Summer. Winter. All year round. Just because the sun is not beating you into a beach chair, doesn’t mean that it’s not non-challantly weakening your collagen and elastin. When the collagen in your skin becomes weaker, the pores no longer have the strength to keep taut and can appear larger.

Regular facial treatments. Every 4 – 6 weeks is ideal for anyone who is not experiencing problematic skin. Every 8 weeks still keeps you on track. Having a professional prepare and cleanse your skin is extremely beneficial, as is that lovely facial massage bit. That is my absolute favorite part of a facial! (And I secretly love when my clients nod off into nap land during this part).

So there we have it. As much as I do believe in the genie in the bottle, I don’t think he works in the scope of pore control. But you now have a handful of helpful tips to keep your skin looking as healthy and glowing as possible!

Go ahead and share with us why you love your pores!

We feel like we need a makeover

It’s fall and we have been doing so many beautiful makeovers it’s making us a bit jealous! We’re feeling a little blue because we need one too! Oh goodness did I just rhyme? When I first started Bloom my amazing family helped me with all the build out and it’s served us very well but now we’re bursting at the seams we’re so busy. It’s time to add some space so we can keep servicing you in a beautiful environment. We will be open during our renovations so we ask that you please excuse our appearance over the next month! We can’t wait to share our new look with you!


Finally Haircolor for Sensitive Skin!

I get asked this question a lot, “Do you carry Organic hair color?”. This is a loaded question for me. If you ask me that question get ready for a one hour rant on why marketing can make you believe anything. The short quick answer is NO. Why don’t we carry Organic hair color if we are a naturally/Organic based salon? Well that’s because Organic hair color is a crock of crap. Just because someone tells you their hair color is Organic doesn’t actually make it healthier for you. They only need a few Organic ingredients like extracts to slap a label on it and make you believe it’s healthier for you. Remember, there’s absolutely no one regulating our industry, but that’s another rant for another day.

Ammonia is 100% organic from the earth and evaporates as soon as oxygen hits it (hence the smell) and has been demonized for no good reason except to say that companies want to sell you their brand new “Ammonia Free” hair color. Instead we’ve replaced Ammonia with an even greater evil, MEA. This horrible, man-made chemical will not only dry out your hair but studies are showing that prolonged use can lead to hair loss! Any “plant based” ammonia free dye is going to have MEA in it.

When I heard Wella was releasing a line of hair color that would be PPD and PTD free I was shocked. PPD and PTD are the chemicals in dye responsible for adding brown tones and covering grey. These 2 chemicals are a real problem in the sense that over time a person can develop sensetivities to hair color. Sensitivities reveal themselves through an itchy scalp, swelling, and redness etc. I was skeptical. What did they use to replace these chemicals? Would it be another man-made crap solution or is this the real deal? After a 4 hour long seminar and meeting with two different chemists I am convinced this is finally the real deal.  Wella did the impossible and after 25 yrs of trying to make this dream happen it finally came true. Innocence (I’m not gonna lie I kinda hate the name) is a new color line formulated with a brand new dye molecule called ME+ to prevent sensitivities from hair color. They’ve taken the PPD dye molecule that is responsible for irritating our T Cells and changed the shape therefore creating a dye molecule that cannot bind to our T Cells. This prevents us from having any immune related responses to hair color. Finally safe, beautiful, flawless grey coverage color without being lied to! Let’s face it, we will never get truly 100% grey coverage organic hair color that works and is really what it claims to be, but we can get a solution that is much less irritating and actually works beautifully!

See how it works by watching this video!

If you would like to try Innocence let us know and we can easily switch your color formula to match using the new color. Due to the price increase of Innocence we had added this as a new service to our menu. Root Touch with Innocence will be $125 and a Re-fresh roots to ends application starts at $175. If you are an existing client and would like to make the switch to Innocence we are offering you the same price as your current root touch or Re-fresh for October & November. I promise you will fall deeply in love with this new color experience! I know I have!


It’s Wedding Time!

You may be noticing how difficult it is to get weekend appointments these days. Well The main reason is the amount of Bloom wedding we’re doing! It’s been amazing to see so many beautiful brides coming into Bloom for their special day. We recently participated in “The Not Wedding” at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



It was a gorgeous event and we got to show off some Bloom’s famous vintage wedding hair & makeup styles. Check out more photos of the event here and on Ruffled here, or watch the video:

Herban Gardening: Caring for Your Herbs

Once your herbs are settled in and growing there are a few tips that you can use to keep your garden strong and producing lush herbs for your dinners and deserts!! So, for our last installment of Bloom’s Herban Gardening Series I’ll give you all the insider tips for how to keep up with the care of your new garden!!

– Firstly, herbs must be watered regularly. How much or how little depends on the types of herbs you’ve chosen to grow so research each herb throughly to make sure you are giving your growing plants the water they need! Also, potted herbs need a bit more water than their outdoor counterparts because they tend to dry out faster! And of course you’re herbs will need more water when it’s hot a dry than when the temperatures are cool and rainy… so come summer get a water canister ready for their daily hydration!!

-Weeding your outdoor herbs is an important part of their caring for them. It’s easiest to check for weeds once a weeks so you can catch, and remove them, when they’re small! There are a plethora of reasons you’ll want to keep weeds out of your garden, from competition for water to attraction of bugs, so be sure you keep up with this easy tip!!

-Be sure to prune, prune, prune!! Do not take the big, tough leaves off the bottom, they act like solar power that energizes the growth of the whole plant. Instead, prune off the top. When your herb starts to get too tall, cut off the growth above the last set of leaves. This will allow two new growth points for your herb. Keep up with this once a month and help your herbs grow into robust and happy plants!!

-Luckily herbs don’t need much fertilization, but for a heathy boost use an organic liquid fertilizer once or twice during the growing season and you’ll see a notable difference!!

-Now your outdoor herbs may encounter a few new uninvited guests to their garden, not to worry there are a few things you can do to naturally keeps them at bay. Be sure to remove any dead or sickly looking leaves that may have already been attacked by insects, keeping plants healthy to begin with is the best prevention. Also, to keep sluggish bugs away place crushed egg shells around the base of your herbs which will not feel so great on their slimy little bodies. Lastly, include some VIP guests like ladybugs or toads to your garden which are natural predators of plant lice and slugs!!

-Lastly, earthworms are always a good option! Let them roam freely in your garden and they’ll give you an air circulated, well watered and strongly rooted garden!!

We hope you enjoy the best of your garden’s rewards!! Be sure to upload pictures of you indoor or outdoor garden AND all the delicious meals you’ll be able to create from them to your Instagram account and tag us @bloomnyc #herbangardening

Herban Gardening: Planting Your Outdoor Garden

So, you have your very own plot of land tucked away in your backyard, up on your roof or in a community garden… but now you have to figure out what to grow. Oh yeah, and more importantly, how to grow it! Not to worry, these steps will help you devise a plan and have you garnishing your rosemary quiche in no time!!

Community Garden in Park Slope, Brooklyn (photo cred: Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

-First observe which herbs you use most often. Make a list of dishes you regularly make, like grilled chicken or Mediterranean salads, and figure out how you can enhance these dishes with herbs like dill, parsley and basil. Whatever sounds good to you, add it to your list!

-Now find the perfect spot in your yard, one that will get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Then, figure out how much space you will need for each herb according to the back of the seed package. You may have and narrow down your list of herbs depending on the amount of space you have for your garden.

-As we posted in the first Herban Gardening installment, all soil will be different but there are some requirements that every herb needs. Select a site with well draining soil, or if that is not a possibility, improve the soil you have with a compost mix or peat moss. Dig into and churn up all the packed soil 2 feet down in your gardening area. Then, add compost and mix in thoroughly.

-Now, begin planting but only after you are sure the last frost has come and gone and judging by the incredible sunshine we have gotten today, it most definitely seems like that is the case! Read the back of your seed packets for instructions on how to plant the various herbs you’ve chosen, including how much room to leave between each plant.

-Then, dig little holes (again, refer to the packet to see what depth each herb requires the seed to be planted at), fill them with your seeds and cover with soil.

-Be sure to water your new little seeds every other day and enjoy watching them grow into seedlings and then, into full grown herbs!

-Lastly, I recommend researching each herb you’ve chosen to grow so you can be better prepared on how to care for them as best you can!!

This is part three of a series on planting and growing herbs in NYC! Check back for the next installment on how to care for your growing herbs!!

Herban Gardening: Planting Your In-Home Garden

Not all of us are able to get our hands dirty in our own plot of city land but not to worry, the ability to grow your own garden is definitely not out of your reach. Growing your own in-home garden is just a few cute pots away. Just follow these quick steps and you’ll be planting your own home grown herbs just in time for spring!!

-Find a perfect spot in your home, a place that is near a window and full of sunshine. It can be a windowsill, but doesn’t have to be because if you don’t have enough windowsill space then these incredible round plant stands by Terrian (below: 1) are the perfect way to get your growing plants all the sun they need!

-Pick out the perfect planters for your new plants. I prefer to use one planter per herb so I can tailor the care for that specific plant, however if you’d like to put more than one herb in a planter then just be sure you are choosing to pair herbs with similar needs. Also, look for pots that have saucers to catch excess water. I love these gorgeous pots from West Elm (below: 2)! They are also chalkboards so you can write the herb your growing write on it’s pot and keep from confusing them when they are just beginning to sprout!

-Get your pots ready for their new seeds by filling them with potting mix. You can use an organic seed starting mix or potting soil, however I prefer to get both and create a 50:50 mix to use in all my pots. Just avoid using garden soil, it can harbor small organisms which aren’t very good for your new growing garden! Then, fill each pot with soil to about two inches from the top.

-Now for the fun part, getting to choose the herbs you’d like to grow (below: 3)! My favorite seeds come from the Hudson Valley Seed Library (below: 4) because they not only grow incredibly well, but their art packs look beautiful and unique!

-Begin sowing your seeds, checking the packet for information on the depth you should plant each seed since in varies between each herb. Then, be sure to research the herbs you’ve chosen to grow, since they all have different needs to make they comfortable and healthy! The more you know about how to care for your specific herbs, the better and faster they will grow… and that means lots of delicious and dynamic meals to come!!

-Now you have a city garden all your own!! Green space is so calming to the soul and you’ll feel great waking up each morning and looking at your new addition, be sure you care for them and keep them feeling just as great as you do. Water your herbs regularly keeping their soil moist while not letting it get soggy. One way to do this is to be sure to drain your saucers about 30 minutes after watering. Also, buying a good organic fertilizer to use on you herbs about every two weeks will help them growing strong!!

1. Round Basket Plant Stand: Terrian ($88-$98), 2. Chalkboard Planter: West Elm ($8-$18), 3. Herb Chart, 4. Art Packs: Hudson Valley Seed Library ($3.75 each)

This is part two of a series on planting and growing herbs in NYC! Check back for the next installment on how to plant your outdoor garden!!

Herban Gardening: Checking the Soil

March is here and with it comes longer days, sunshine, and the promise of fresh herbs finding their way from your yard or windowsill to you salads and side dishes! For those of us who are lucky enough to have their own little patch of dirt; whether community garden, rooftop or backyard space; here are a few pointers to help you decided if it’s time to begin dinging into your soil:

-Take a very small handful of soil in the palm of your hand and begin forming a ball out of the soil by squeezing your hand into a fist around the soil

-Once a solid ball has formed take a finger and lightly tap the ball OR drop the ball from a height of three feet

-If the ball breaks apart easily into a pile of loose dirt, then you are ready to being digging into and working the soil…

-If the soil, however, slowly falls apart in large clumps then the soil is still retaining too much moisture to begin working it

-Another helpful way to check if you’re still unsure is to assess the color of your soil; dark soil is still retaining water, while lighter or ashy soil is most likely ready to be worked

It is important to be the early bird in gardening, but if you are the too early bird you’ll be out hunting before the worms are even up… What I mean is, if you begin working your soil before it is ready you’ll do more damage than good. Heavy, wet soil doesn’t break up into the light and airy texture best for breathing plants… plus, all those large clods you’ll create by digging when the soil is too wet will end up drying into awful rock-like clumps that become nightmares to break up when your soil really is ready. So take your time, and be thankful for the outdoor space awaiting your perfect little city garden!!

This is part one of a series on planting and growing herbs in NYC! Check back for the next installment on how to find or create the perfect in home or windowsill herb garden!!

Bloom Books: It’s Not You, It’s Me

Robert “Bobby” Hold, Jr., is a nationally registered and certified Physician Assistant (MPAS, PA-C), currently based out of New York City. Bobby has recently written and published a new book entitled “It’s Not You, It’s Me: The Most Important Break Up Of Your Life… Ending Your Relationship With Obesity.” His book is the candid and honest story of how he lost over one hundred pounds, through good old fashioned diet and exercise. By personally accepting himself and his homosexuality, Bobby was able to face himself and face his fat.

In the book, Bobby boldly tackles a prevailing misconception about obesity that has long stigmatized a broad cross section of the population. “Popular logic will have us believing if a person is overweight, they should just stop overeating and they would lose the weight, but it’s not quite that simple,” he explains. “People who have never dealt with eating issues fail to realize that you can’t stop overeating until you figure out why you’re doing it in the first place. They don’t comprehend that there may be something else going on.”

Bobby’s book skillfully digs beneath the psychological underpinnings of obesity with a genuine look at his own struggle with being overweight, unabashed truthfulness, and meticulous medical training. “My own story was one of trying to battle my personal issues,” he admits. With his powerfully resonant motto “Lose weight, find yourself”™ Robert is poised to make an impact on an industry that often issues out band-aid fixes for wounds requiring a more intense healing process.

For more information, such as before-and-after pictures and how to buy the book, head over to It’s Not You, It’s Me The Book or if you’re ready to read Bobby Hold’s transformative book (buy the book).

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