Stylist of the Month

MUNE TRAN, our stylist of the month, is not in the salon today.

No, we did not give her the day off for being awesome. Though she is quite awesome.

She is out because she is styling Ben Gibbard’s (That’s the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie! Get with it people!) hair for their upcoming music video! Well, we’re excited. And by excited I mean JEALOUS!

Mune has also styled hair for Ingrid Michaelson, Sia, the Oprah Show and is going to be the lead stylist for Betsey Johnson’s Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook!

But that’s not why we love her! Also not why we named her stylist of the month! Mune is our very first stylist of the month because, as I said before, SHE IS AWESOME!

To Mune, being on time means arriving to work at least 30 minutes before her first client so that everything is set up and ready and she is there waiting for them with a big smile. She does have a lovely smile.

Also, we just named Mune our Bloom Community Manager! Mune has been manning the Bloom Facebook page since day one. Now she will also be in charge of our Twitter (Yes we have one! Follow us! @bloomnyc) and whatever other social media endeavors we decide to engage in.








Here she is! Get to know her a little..

What’s your favorite candy?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Your celebrity crush? Just one!

It would have to be between Ryan Reynolds and Alexander Skarsgard. (Even the stylist of the month can’t follow all the rules!)

What has hair done for you lately?

Helped me get my new apartment.

Who is your hair icon?

Eugene Souleiman.

If you could do any one celebrity’s hair, for their red carpet moment, who would it be?

Alexander Skarsgard. (I don’t think that’s just to make him look fabulous.)

What do you love most about doing what you do?

My clients. I really love my clients. It’s all the different personalities I meet.





3 Responses to Stylist of the Month

  1. demi says:

    Hi! I have known Mune since we were in grade school-and I can say that she truly has such a gift-and I am beyond proud of her. I remember going to school dances-and she would always have the best hair! We would always be huddled in some girls room passing around the curling iron and I would LOVE if she even touched my hair because I KNEW it would be fab! So all her success doesn’t suprise me in anyway-she is using her awesome gift and reaping the rewards! You go girl!!! xoxo

  2. WM says:

    Mune really is wonderful.
    Keen attention to detail and the client’s needs. Plus she’s just a pleasure to spend time with!

  3. Diana says:

    I just have to say Mune is wonderful! She gave me an awesome cut in the beginning of summer and it still looks great!( I wanted a shaved portion on the side of my head and lots of layers all over. BUT I was afraid of the clippers going to short- so she did it BY HAND! ) She is just so talented- she makes it seem effortless. Such a great artist- she really does have a vision of what your hair should be- and she makes it happen with her bionic skills!!!
    Shes super sweet and fun – Im saving up my pennies to get some color done by her!)

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