Frankie’s First Haircut!

As Kristen Traina’s (she’s one of our color specialists here, in case you didn’t know) baby boy and also due to his general cuteness, Frankie is a pretty big deal around here. We are always thrilled to have him in but today is extra special.

Today is his very first haircut!

Here are some before shots…

Look at those curls!

We had to give him french fries to distract from the haircut. Kids.

And now… Drum roll please…

Seriously! Could he be any cuter?

What a handsome little man.

Oh Frankie, you are growing up too fast.

Just stop it.

<3 Marissa

One Response to Frankie’s First Haircut!

  1. Tricia says:

    AHHHHH !!!!! talked to Kristen just a bit earlier…totally forgot about the haircut !!!!!

    Still cute as a button, and the curls are still there. !!!
    Love you little Frankie T….. I bet he was good too !!! how the heck did I forget… He doesn’t look a day over 2o months !!!!

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