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Herban Gardening: Caring for Your Herbs

Once your herbs are settled in and growing there are a few tips that you can use to keep your garden strong and producing lush herbs for your dinners and deserts!! So, for our last installment of Bloom’s Herban Gardening … Continue reading

Herban Gardening: Planting Your Outdoor Garden

So, you have your very own plot of land tucked away in your backyard, up on your roof or in a community garden… but now you have to figure out what to grow. Oh yeah, and more importantly, how to … Continue reading

Herban Gardening: Planting Your In-Home Garden

Not all of us are able to get our hands dirty in our own plot of city land but not to worry, the ability to grow your own garden is definitely not out of your reach. Growing your own in-home … Continue reading

Herban Gardening: Checking the Soil

March is here and with it comes longer days, sunshine, and the promise of fresh herbs finding their way from your yard or windowsill to you salads and side dishes! For those of us who are lucky enough to have … Continue reading

Bloom Books: It’s Not You, It’s Me

Robert “Bobby” Hold, Jr., is a nationally registered and certified Physician Assistant (MPAS, PA-C), currently based out of New York City. Bobby has recently written and published a new book entitled “It’s Not You, It’s Me: The Most Important Break … Continue reading

Trouble with our Phone Lines

If you’re having trouble reaching us because your call won’t go through, please be aware we are experiencing issues with our phone lines. Please email to schedule your appointment or for any other questions you might have, and we … Continue reading

L&O: Make It Your Own

The average person spends nearly 350 days worth of time in the shower, and that is only if you’re in there for less than fifteen minutes a day!! Today I realized just how wonderful that time can be spent. You … Continue reading

BLOOM SHOP: Valentine Gift Guide

Your best bud for life just fills you with unconditional happiness… maybe you’ve even found the person who makes your heart skip a beat… either way Valentine’s Day has just given you the perfect excuse to give your someone special … Continue reading

Jada Beauty Feature: Sal LoGerfo

Our permanent hair straightening specialist, Sal LoGerfo, was featured on Jada Beauty!! Read his interview and learn great tips from a man who has been in the business long enough to garner incredible straightening, smoothing and styling knowledge! …And if … Continue reading

FALLing For This Weather

It’s not quite time to kiss the summer sun goodbye, and yet Starbucks is advertising the return of their Pumpkin Spice Latte, the leaves are beginning to loose their vibrancy and, most importantly, the weather is giving over to a … Continue reading