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Organic vs. Ammonia Color?

I get asked this question a lot, “Do you carry Organic hair color?”. This is a loaded question for me. If you ask me that question get ready for a one hour rant on why marketing can make you believe … Continue reading

We feel like we need a makeover

It’s fall and we have been doing so many beautiful makeovers it’s making us a bit jealous! We’re feeling a little blue because we need one too! Oh goodness did I just rhyme? When I first started Bloom my amazing … Continue reading

The Fabulous Valerie Hager

Looking for something fabulous to do in NYC this week? Go see the fabulous Valerie Hager perform her show “Naked in Alaska,” a true story about stripping in the last frontier. We’ve known Valerie for quite sometime. We’ve seen her … Continue reading

Learn How to Make An Awesome Bun!

The long anticipated Bloom Bun video is here! Learn how to use a donut to create one big, awesome, glamorous bun! If you try this at home and are having any problems let your Bloom stylist know as we’d be … Continue reading

Bloom on Set

Recently I’ve been in and out of the salon working on some pretty cool stuff…music videos! I love creating and I’m so excited to be working on some artistic creative projects where I can think outside the box. The first … Continue reading

Our first “How-To” video! Create a Low Braided Bun

As a stylist most clients ask me, “how can I do this at home?” to be honest there’s still tons of different styles that I don’t even know how to do yet. There is however one thing we all have … Continue reading

Put An End To Those Round Brush Blues

Do round brushes, or just the thought of using one, truly frighten you? Well I can say that even after a year of cosmetology school, my fear of round brushes did not cease to exist. Actually, it crippled my desire … Continue reading

Here Comes The B….loom Product Line

For the last 9 months Bloom has been working on our very own product line, and it will be called…drum roll please…Lavender and Oak!! We’re all so very excited for its release and I thought I might share some photos of items … Continue reading

The Little Seed That Could

Recently I’ve had this craving for Chia seeds… It may seem like a strange craving, and most people usually crave sweets, but the energy Chia seeds provide is quite addicting! In a one ounce omega rich serving of chia seeds … Continue reading

To Have and To Hold

Wedding season is almost upon us and I decided to put together some inspirational images of what I believe we will be seeing this year. Handcrafted weddings, remote locations and timeless style. I think the epitome of romance has just been described! … Continue reading