Join Us For Hands On RMS

Join us Dec 13th from 7-9pm for our annual Hands On Beauty event. This year we will be focusing on RMS Beauty. Would you like to learn how to apply beautiful organic makeup effortlessly? Then this is your perfect opportunity. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres and Gift with purchase available while supplies last. RSVP your full name and email plus anyone you’d like to bring here.

How RMS Beauty Changed My Life

“Skin is a living organism. It breathes, interacts, and absorbs information from everything it encounters. It’s in constant communication with the environment. Without healthy skin, we are vulnerable to the effects of everything we encounter. Unfortunately, years ago we were lead to believe that the skin acted as a barrier to the outside world, blocking out whatever was applied to it. We now know that whatever we put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. You need only look to medical patches, anti-smoking patches and hormone replacement patches for proof.”- Rose Marie Swift

It’s a scary thought and I can completely agree with it. What if your makeup was also your skin care, your healing and anti-aging solution, organic and alive, and made your skin look more beautiful then anything thought imaginable? Ring the bell because we found just that. RMS Beauty is the life force that has made my skin look and feel 10 years younger and also made life simpler by simplifying my routine.

I wake up and wipe my face down with the RMS coconut wipe. I follow up with a toner I love from Flynn and King and within a minute my face feels fresh and ready for makeup. With my finger and two brushes I apply my makeup and in less then 5 minutes! I have never had so many compliments on my skin and makeup since I started using RMS. It’s boosted my confidence, allowed me to feel beautiful in my own skin and shaved off 15 mins from my morning routine. Being acne prone I was surprised to find I no longer need to use my Retina and topical antibiotic that I was dependent on for years. #LifeChanging

The only way to understand how RMS can change your life is to experience it for yourself so we decided to offer complimentary makeup lessons with the purchase of 3 RMS products. Just give us a call to schedule a lesson! 212-255-9355

Here’s a quick video on my favorite RMS product Master Mixer!

New Year New Hair

It’s 2017 and who knows what this year will have in store for us. I’m kinda feeling like this will be a strong year for the feminist and what better statement to make then a big chop? Here’s a compilation of our favorite pixies.

Feeling adventures? Needing a change? Ready? Now pick one and come in!

Bloom is closed 8/31

Bloom is closed today 8/31 for our annual ditch day! Today you can see us eating Nathan’s hot dogs, funnel cakes and riding the cyclone! Don’t fret we will reopen normal business hours tomorrow. Feel free to email your appt requests to and we will get back to you this evening!

Organic vs. Ammonia Color?

I get asked this question a lot, “Do you carry Organic hair color?”. This is a loaded question for me. If you ask me that question get ready for a one hour rant on why marketing can make you believe anything. The short quick answer is NO. Why don’t we carry Organic hair color if we are a naturally/Organic based salon? Well that’s because Organic hair color is a marketing scheme. Just because someone tells you their hair color is Organic doesn’t actually make it healthier for you. They only need a few Organic ingredients like extracts to slap a label on it and make you believe it’s healthier for you. Remember, there’s absolutely no one regulating our industry, but that’s another rant for another day.

Ammonia is 100% organic from the earth and evaporates as soon as oxygen hits it (hence the smell) and has been demonized for no good reason except to say that companies want to sell you their brand new “Ammonia Free” hair color. Instead we’ve replaced Ammonia with an even greater evil, MEA. This horrible, man-made chemical will not only dry out your hair but studies are showing that prolonged use can lead to hair loss! Any “plant based” ammonia free dye is going to have MEA in it.

When I heard Wella was releasing a line of hair color that would be PPD and PTD free I was shocked. PPD and PTD are the chemicals in dye responsible for adding brown tones and covering grey. These 2 chemicals are a real problem in the sense that over time a person can develop sensetivities to hair color. Sensitivities reveal themselves through an itchy scalp, swelling, and redness etc. I was skeptical. What did they use to replace these chemicals? Would it be another man-made crap solution or is this the real deal? After a 4 hour long seminar and meeting with two different chemists I am convinced this is finally the real deal.  Wella did the impossible and after 25 yrs of trying to make this dream happen it finally came true. Innocence (I’m not gonna lie I kinda hate the name) is a new color line formulated with a brand new dye molecule called ME+ to prevent sensitivities from hair color. They’ve taken the PPD dye molecule that is responsible for irritating our T Cells and changed the shape therefore creating a dye molecule that cannot bind to our T Cells. This prevents us from having any immune related responses to hair color. Finally safe, beautiful, flawless grey coverage color without being lied to! Let’s face it, we will never get truly 100% grey coverage organic hair color that works and is really what it claims to be, but we can get a solution that is much less irritating and actually works beautifully!

See how it works by watching this video!

I hope this will make you think twice before buying into the “label”. Do your research so you know what you’e actually using/buying/eating etc.


Join Us For Hands On Beauty

Hand On Beauty JW fWeb
Join us December 10th for an evening filled with Hands On Beauty tips and tricks! Learn how to apply your own makeup with RMS Beauty products, give yourself a killer blowout, use a curling iron, or braid you hair into an updo. As an added bonus we are excited to announce our special guest, all natural skincare guru, Jillian Wright! Get rid of your paraben filled skincare products and learn how to love your skin the natural way with one of her famous mini facials at our event. If you’ve never had the pleasure of feeling her Premium Reserve Night Cream on your face then you’re in for a treat! For more information follow us on Instagram @BloomNYC

Space is limited for this event so please RSVP to

Event Details:
Date: Thursday December 10th
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Bloom Beauty Lounge
RSVP: Mandatory- space is limited

Meet Katie A Killer Stylist

Katie Maloney, she’s funny, has killer style, great looks and she’s an amazing hairstylist! This month we’re celebrating Katie, not just for her skills with scissors but for just being a really cool chic. Are you interested in coming to Bloom and in desperate need for a new stylist? Look no further, Katie is the girl for you! Let’s get to know her a little bit more:

What type of client is your dream client? Katie- “Anyone who wants to enhance what they naturally have.”

Do you prefer to specialize in cutting or coloring? Katie – I specialized as a cutter at toni and guy and that’s when I realized I prefer to work with a client start to finish on their hair journey. I love to see the full end result.”

How long have you been in NYC? Where’s your favorite place to visit? If you could live anywhere in the city where would you live? Katie- Ive been in NYC for about 3 years now and my favorite place is central park! You can really get lost and escape the hustle and chaos of the city. If I could live anywhere in NYC I’d say the Upper Eastside. Theres something still nostalgic about that neighborhood to me and I’m an old lady at heart.

What do you like to do in your free time? Katie- You’ll find me traveling and/or vintage shopping. I’m always being crafty. Coming from an artistic family, I sew, make jewelry, paint etc. I enjoy working with my hands clearly haha.

We’re so thankful to have you on our Team Katie! Call now to schedule your next appointment with our superstar.

Fall Hair, Style and Places in NY

The next two months will be my favorite two months of the year. Fall is nothing short of a fairytale for me. The leaves turn, everything looks, smells, and tastes surreal like my favorite apple cider doughnuts. From apple picking to waterfall braids, ponchos and wide brimmed hats theres nothing about this season a girl like me doesn’t like. I gathered some of my favorites of this years season and put them into one place….Pinterest. Enjoy! Fall Bloom Blog

Our New look

Bloom has (finally) blossomed!

After the longest three weeks of our lives, we have reopened refreshed, renewed, and re-inspired for the season!

Our stylists are ready to bring you into the summer with a new look, and our amazing ‘golden belle’ Andrea is all set to prep your skin for the city summer or tropical vacation; she even offers $25 off your first facial! There is nothing better than that.

See you all soon!

Bloom Beauty Lounge

We feel like we need a makeover

It’s fall and we have been doing so many beautiful makeovers it’s making us a bit jealous! We’re feeling a little blue because we need one too! Oh goodness did I just rhyme? When I first started Bloom my amazing family helped me with all the build out and it’s served us very well but now we’re bursting at the seams we’re so busy. It’s time to add some space so we can keep servicing you in a beautiful environment. We will be open during our renovations so we ask that you please excuse our appearance over the next month! We can’t wait to share our new look with you!